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Baccarat has long been considered the gambling game for the thinking man, with a taste for earned, as opposed to mindless, victory. A game of tactical thinking, instinct and high odds make Baccarat a winner for the cerebral risk-taker in the online casino world.

The aim of Baccarat is to correctly guess whose hand between banker and player will be closer to the value of 9. As in Blackjack, the player would need to correctly determine which is the most likely to win – or whether in fact it could be a tie – and strategize accordingly. Between these 3 possibilities, the good Baccarat player is the one who predicts right the most regularly and makes the most of it.

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The game is played with normal card decks of between one and eight. Both the player and the banker are dealt two cards each, and in some cases according to third card rules, both or one of them could be dealt a third card. The values of the cards are added up. Most cards stand for their face value. However, a crucial difference between Baccarat and other games such as Blackjack is that the cards 10, Jack, Queen and King all equal 0

Baccarat is popular at Red Flush Casino, because of the fact that it is quite an easy game to learn, yet with massive potential winnings. The casino offer basic Baccarat, in which both the bank and the player pay even money and ties are 8 to 1, and Baccarat Gold, in which the main difference is that side bets are available to both bank and player, and both pay 1 to1.

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